Still seek millionaire. Wearing meaningless ring to deal when you faced pressure forced to marry.

Be urged to marry is a world problem whether in some traditional oriental countries as we thought like Japan, China or our own western country. The different point from west and east is the time line set in mind from the surround us people, the more developed and wealthy we are, delayed the time as we wished. It seems that your parents look your own private things as what the most important thing they must do regardless of you own plan and happy or not.
Here we are talk about some ways to deal when you faced pressure forced to marry from the people you meet no matter single no not:

Everyone have the rights in seek marry or not and who they want to be, if not, it is the violation of human rights.

Wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is an old but traditional meaningful custom after married, so wearing fake one to make others believed you are married seems as a good choice in New York, USA. As touch the deadline to 30 years old, rich and single woman could felt upset when they planning back hometown and meet their parents even she looked full of self-confidence always. They also called the Thanksgiving day as Marriage giving day as usual.
In order to pass that uncomfortable urge now and then, some people who living in big apple has trying to order a cheap but meaningless engagement ring and wear it when they back home to meet the problem.
Miss Heather is a common lawyer work in New York and have a rich boyfriend over 5 years, while, she also felt herself very near delirious by her mothers non-stop talking about her marriage, faced the double pressures between own career and marriage in future, more worsen is she felt his boyfriend, Jack, that millionaire singles, has appeared same situation as her, broken the close relationship might happen in future.

That idea so great! After she came back from hometown, Heather aid to me, and added: after i wearing the ring and show it to my family members, they almost close their mouths as what i thought, thank Lord.   And you may congratulations for me owing to Jack send me a real one, that is, he asked me to marry him, i agree. The fake ring, instead of the fake but i still keep in store as a special memory in my single lifetime as a sign of end.

Have a chance seek a lover and decide to living with her or him is a vital choice in your lifetime, for me, it is a key after you married and living better than ever instead of hunt a people live together. Seek a rich man or woman dating and trying to advance in marriage is one of the best choices.
Select the best one register and start your seek journey if you want seek millionaire.
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